• Leading Questions - Bill Frisell

    Someone once told me "Music is good."

    When I was 14 I got my first electric guitar!

    The guitar is a wonderful instrument. 

    Practice makes me feel good. 

    When I look at where I’m at right now, I think I'd better get started. 

    Some of my best ideas come to me as a gift when least expected. 

    My parents were the first on a long list of people I've been blessed to know, supporting and helping me along the way, giving me the confidence to keep at it. 

    Fear is part of the deal. 

    Motivation is not something to take for granted. 

    As I get older, I’ve realized that my hair has lost much of the rich color and body it once had. 

    Music has taught me a lot. 

    People ask me questions. 

    Discipline is something I could use more of. 

    Change is gonna come. 

    I chose the guitar because they look cool and are super fun to play. 

    I’ve never understood politics. 

    The thing that makes me nervous on stage is lightning, thunder, and large dive bombing insects. 

    The future of jazz is happening. 

    A sense of humor is important because, laughter is good for you. 

    The history of jazz is overwhelmingly rich with beauty, mystery, and reveals infinite possibilities for the future. 

    The clarinet was my first instrument.