• Leading Questions - Chad McCullough

    Someone once told me I couldn’t do it, and it was a waist of time to try because it wouldn’t work out.

    When I was 14 I heard Thomas Marriott play for the first time, and I figured out what I wanted to do.

    The trumpet is the worst best friend I’ll ever have

    If I could do it all over again, I’d jump to less conclusions, buy fewer mouthpieces, and listen to my teachers more.

    When I look at where I’m at right now, I’m very thankful to everyone who has taken the time to help me, and grateful for everyone who’s given me a chance to do well- and even more grateful for the second chances.

    Fear is what wakes me up every morning. Usually much earlier than I’d like.

    Motivation is what gets me out of bed, after the panic attack wakes me up.

    Discipline is second only to respect. Or maybe it’s a byproduct of respect. I’m not sure yet.

    I’m not even close. But... I’m trying.

    If I had a double-C, I’d bottle that up, and sell it to all of my trumpet player friends for cheap!

    When I’m stuck It’s because I’m not listening hard enough.

    If I could have made a career on another instrument, it would have been the piano. I still pretend sometimes.

    Some musicians just don’t understand that we’re all in this together.

    I’m happy whenever I’m listening to Miles.